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Friday, November 16, 2018
11:30 AM - 2:00 PM

“The only way we rise is by lifting each other up.” — Jenny Bird

Custom-designed for Women’s College Hospital by celebrated designer Jenny Bird, this beautiful limited-edition piece is a powerful statement of community and strength.

Entitled “Together We Rise”, the 14K gold-dipped, solid sterling silver piece symbolizes courage, resilience, compassion and innovation. With support, and by standing on the shoulders of giants, we raise each other up.

Measuring 45mm x 65mm, the piece is available as a necklace or a brooch. Opalescent, meaningful, semi-precious stones bring a sense of magic and boldness to the piece and were specifically selected by the designer to embody virtues of Women’s College Hospital:

Green Opal
INNOVATION — a symbol of rejuvenation. A stone that has the ability to filter information, reorient and innovate the mind.

Beige Moonstone
COURAGE — a symbol of inner growth, strength and bravery. A healing stone that stabilizes and creates a sense of serenity.

Grey Opal
RESILIENCE — a symbol of prosperity, health and abundance. A stone that encourages individuality and inner radiance.

Pink Moonstone
COMPASSION — a symbol of deep femininity. A stone that nourishes and heals. Supports the heart as it stimulates the mind.

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