Awards Program

Building on WCH founder Emily Stowe’s legacy of grit and determination!

The Opportunities Fund: Gifts in any amount accepted.

opportunities fund

The Opportunities Fund is a general pool of funding that will address the greatest needs of the Academic Research and Education program. It will provide support on an ongoing, as-needed basis to students at all levels of learning who are undertaking research positions with Women’s College Research Institute or to program needs overall.

  • Grants determined through rolling application and review process

The Summer Student Research Program Fund: $1,000 — $14,999

summer students

Gifts made in support of the this Fund will make it possible for Women’s College Research Institute (WCRI) to expand its Summer Student Program, a 12-16 week summer job opportunity that allows students at the undergraduate level to work with WCRI researchers on key projects, attend research skills sessions and connect with mentors from their own communities.

  • Awards are expendable
  • Opportunity to name award(s) in a name of your choosing

Academic Excellence Awards: $15,000 — $120,000

academic excellence

Awards will provide support for individuals studying at the masters, PhD, post-doctoral, and early career scientist levels. These prestigious awards play a crucial role in helping emerging young leaders complete their graduate studies under the supervision of WCRI scientists, and ultimately start their careers in research.

  • Awards are expendable
  • Opportunity to name award(s) in a name of your choosing
  • Opportunity to set eligibility parameters for your individual award(s)

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