Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a tax receipt when I make a donation to the Emily Stowe Society?

Yes, a tax receipt will be issued to you via email within minutes of making your gift online. Please note that if you made your gift via or in-person, you will receive your tax-receipt in the mail within 60 days.

Is my gift guaranteed to support a student from an underrepresented community?

If your gift is $1,000 or above, you can specifically direct it to support a student from an underrepresented community. To do this, please contact the Foundation at 416-323-6323 or

How does my gift directly support young scientists applying for Academic Excellence Awards?

When you choose to make a gift to support Academic Excellence Awards, you will be supporting bursaries, scholarships and awarding positions to visiting scholars. An Award can be named as per your choosing. To name an award, please contact Leigh Naturkach at 416-323-6323 ext. 2936 or

Can I, as a donor, sit on the panel to select the scientist I would like to support?

No that will not be possible.