Why we're here.

Dream has been a proud partner of Women’s College Hospital for many years and we’re happy to share this passion with you. We were first drawn to them because of their innovative spirit and the wonderful work they do to strengthen not only our community of Toronto, but also to improve the Canadian healthcare system as a whole. We’re so impressed by their approach to healthcare, to innovation, and to patient care that we’re always looking for new ways to support them.

This is one of them. Thanks for joining us in our 2018 International Women’s Day campaign to help close the health gap.

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About Women's College Hospital: Overview

For over a century, Women’s College Hospital (WCH) has been at the forefront of closing health gaps for women and their loved ones: founded in 1911 as the first hospital in Canada where women could study and practice medicine, today WCH is a world leader in revolutionizing healthcare for women and advancing health system solutions for all.

WCH is home to one of the only hospital-based research institutes in the world dedicated to women’s health, and it is a major teaching hospital through its full affiliation with the University of Toronto. It has also been mandated by the Ontario government to make the healthcare system more effective and sustainable for everyone by developing innovative new models of care.

The Health Gap

The healthcare system is full of gaps that are putting the lives of women and their loved ones at risk. WCH is working hard to close the gap through groundbreaking global research focused on the health of women; through developing innovative models of care that put the unique needs of women first; and through pursuing excellence in patient care that champions access, equity and diversity. To learn more about the health gap, visit thehealthgap.ca.